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Pitt and Jolie reportedly locked in child support debate

The process of divorce is not known for bringing out the best in people. This is understandable because when a married couple splits, each party may be carrying bitter disappointments and deep-seated resentments. These extreme emotions can manifest themselves in very adversarial behavior. And the problems can become even more pronounced when children are involved.

The divorce of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie can stand as a very public example of how divorce issues relating to children can escalate to extraordinary degrees. And because of the once-happy couple's fame and exceptional level of wealth, their case is receiving a great deal of attention.

How do I get ready for my divorce?

Rarely do married couples get "quickie" divorces. There are many reasons for this, such as the legal requirements of the state. But also, divorce is often a complex matter, the details of which take time to negotiate and finalize. Moreover, even if you are more than ready to end your marriage, you are better served by taking careful steps to prepare for the next phase of your life.

Uninsured medical costs of your child

Medical expenses that are not covered under insurance are called uninsured medical costs. Parents are expected to make sure all medical costs of their child are covered and taken care of. They must pay for any medical costs of procedures that their child undergoes. All expenses that exceed the allowed limit for the parents are called extraordinary medical expenses, and it is important for parents to make sure they are taken care of.

State laws regarding uninsuredmedical expensesare different for different states. Some states require parents to contribute a certain proportion of the expenses based on their monthly income. Other states require non-custodial parents to contribute to the cost according to a certain percentage already set for child support payments.

No-Fault Divorce Is Being Challenged In Texas

Texas law currently allows no-fault divorce. In other words, couples do not have to place blame and establish fault to end a marriage. They can file for no-fault divorce on the grounds of insupportability if, as the law states, "marriage has become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities that destroys the legitimate end of the marital relationship and prevents any reasonable expectation of reconciliation."

No-fault divorce has been an option in Texas for decades. In fact, it is the most common form of divorce. Now though, according to an article in the Houston Chronicle, one conservative republican lawmaker wants "to strengthen families and reinforce the sanctity of marriage by eliminating no-fault divorces."

Keeping the house after a divorce may not be the right move

The divorce process is largely made up of decisions and negotiations. And this is especially true when it comes to property division. First, you must decide how you feel certain assets should be allocated and then you have to negotiate your way to acceptable terms regarding the allocation. Monetary items, such as cash and investment funds, will likely be divided while each party will take specific physical items, such as cars, furniture and personal belongings.

But there is one physical item which requires special consideration; the house. If you and your spouse are homeowners, you have three basic options. First, you could sell the house and split the profits. Second, one of you can keep the house and financially compensate the other party. Or you could even find a way to keep and share the house.

Halle Berry divorce finalized as clock on 2016 runs down

Recently, Halle Berry had to hastily finalize her divorce from her husband, Oliver Hernandez. Apparently, during the period after the pair separated, but before the divorce was finalized, Ms. Berry was able to secure some "contracts and deals," that were still pending. She needed the divorce process to be completed before the new year or else Mr. Martinez may have been eligible to get a cut of those deals in the settlement.

Fortunately for Ms. Berry, she was able to bring the divorce to a conclusion in time. But in an odd twist, they actually filed for divorce at the same exact time with both trying to be the petitioner. Ultimately, Mr. Hernandez acquiesced, so now Ms. Berry can claim having left him. They also agreed to have joint physical and legal custody of Maceo, their three-year-old son.

Job loss could be basis for child support modification

If you are a parent who pays child support, you almost certainly want to do what you can to contribute to your child's well-being. But if you recently lost your job or had your income drastically reduced, it may become very difficult, if not impossible to continue fulfilling your support obligations. This can cause very serious problems because if you don't  keep up with your payments, you could face some very unpleasant penalties.

Is Separate Property Protected In Texas Divorce?

In Texas, separate property is not subject to division in divorce. Separate property includes gifts, inheritances, personal injury settlements and all property acquired before the marriage. While separate property is not subject to division, it is important for people going through a divorce to be aware that protection of separate property is not automatic.

Is your prenuptial agreement valid?

Prenuptial agreements have become more and more common as couples seek to protect the assets they have before entering into a marriage. The ubiquity with which "prenups" pop up in celebrity news, television shows and other forms of media has normalized them as an aspect of modern relationships.

In some cases, however, a prenuptial agreement may not be as watertight as you may think. Any agreement you make before getting married has to follow certain rules in order to be valid. If your prenuptial agreement has any of the following issues, contact an experienced divorce lawyer who can help to address the problems before your spouse's lawyer takes advantage.

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