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How might House Bill 65 affect the divorce process in Texas?

If you are a married Texas parent and you disagree with your spouse about whether to divorce, you may soon find it considerably harder to have that divorce granted. Per WSPA.com, an amended version of House Bill 65, which would put an end to what the state currently considers “no fault” divorces, is expected to pass, meaning it is likely to eventually become law in the Lone Star State.

If HB 65 does, in fact, pass, it will only impact you and your spouse if you meet certain criteria. First, you must have children in order to be affected by the bill, and second, you must be involved in a unilateral marriage, meaning your spouse desires a divorce and you contest it, or vice-versa. Currently, you and your spouse may be granted a divorce if only one party wants it. However, the state representative backing the new bill asserts that this is problematic because its limits the other party’s abilities to attempt to hold the family together.

Is your marriage working the way you want?

Typically, a marriage does not suddenly fall apart, rather, there is a steady decline in the relationship. And as time passes, a spouse may not even realize the degree to which things have deteriorated. But if you are starting to have doubts about the future of your marriage, it may be time to assess the situation.

Common methods used to conceal assets

Odds are, you did not walk down the aisle with anything less than complete trust in the person you were about to marry, but regrettably, trust and relationships in Texas sometimes fade over time. When a marriage is on the brink of failing, it is not uncommon for one spouse to begin to try and set his or herself up financially ahead of the split, and he or she may attempt to conceal assets in doing so. At Fabio & Merrill, we are well-versed in the tactics spouses sometimes use to hide funds from one another, and we have helped many clients make sure that any community property acquired during the marriage is divided equally.

If you suspect your spouse may be trying to conceal assets in an effort to not have to split them with you, be on the lookout for obvious signs, such as sizable withdrawals from your bank account that may be deposited into another, separate account. You should also be on alert if your spouse suddenly sells off assets to another family member or close friend. This is sometimes done ahead of a divorce, with an agreement between the two parties that the asset will then be sold or transferred back after the divorce.

What are the elements of a parenting plan?

If you are a parent who is in the process of getting a divorce, it is quite likely that your life seems very chaotic at this moment. And child custody may be one of your chief concerns. You may even be worried about how your divorce will impact the amount of time you will be able to spend with your children or when that time will be.

Overcoming guilt can help you become a better father

Have you ever heard the phrase, "shoulding all over yourself?" It means looking back at perceived mistakes and telling yourself that you should have done this or shouldn't have done that. And when a marriage collapses, it is not unusual to torture yourself in this manner. But even though self-reflection can help a person grow, you don't want to dwell on the past to the point of spoiling your present and future.

If you are a husband and father and you have regrets over your marriage, be aware that you have plenty of time to make personal improvements, especially in regard to your relationship with your child. In fact, your self-awareness can help you develop into an even better father than you ever imagined.

You deserve your share of marital property

Have you recently been surprised with divorce papers filed by your spouse? If so, you may be experiencing a great deal of emotional turmoil. But in spite of the pain you are feeling, it is important to start focusing on all of the legal complications that are attached to a divorce.

How Long Does A Divorce Take?

One of the biggest fears that people have about divorce is that they will get caught up in a stressful and costly legal battle that goes on for years. In reality, such legal battles are rare. Here is some information about divorce timelines in Texas:

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