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Divorce trials can be mentally and emotionally taxing

Thinking about a divorce might bring up images of a War of the Roses scenario. This type of divorce is possible, however, most divorces these days are handled through mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods. This isn't to say that there aren't still divorce trials, because there are some cases that just can't be resolved any other way.

Is an inheritance shared property? Here's how to know

Your spouse obtained a large inheritance while you were married, and you've both enjoyed living well while having that money in the bank. He always had it in his own bank account, which wasn't a problem for you. If you wanted any money at all, he'd simply transfer it over to your bank account.

How does Texas split retirement accounts during divorce?

For many couples, asset division is the most contentious aspect of divorce other than child custody. It's relatively common for one spouse to try to hide assets to avoid sharing fairly. It's also common for one or both spouses to fight for more than a fair share of marital assets. Certain assets, like retirement accounts, are often held in only one person's name. That doesn't mean that those assets aren't still meant to be equitably divided during a divorce.

Do you need a forensic accountant for your divorce?

Divorce can make people do strange things. Sometimes, people who are planning to divorce will take steps to hide assets. They do this to keep the assets from being part of the divorce process. Sometimes, one spouse will withdraw cash and begin physically hiding it as a means of keeping it. Other times, money can be deposited in a secret or offshore hidden bank account. Sometimes, assets are hidden in plain sight, with one spouse purchasing expensive items that they intend to keep without disclosing their value during the divorce. These are just a few of the more common ways that people hide assets during divorce. Trying to account for all recent income during a divorce is very complicated.

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