Complex Property Division

The division of assets in divorce is a multifaceted process and can be complicated. First, we help our clients identify their assets, by reviewing all financial data. Many clients do not understand the extent of their retirement benefits or company benefits. Then we evaluate those assets, perhaps with appraisals or use of forensic accountants. Often we are able to demonstrate that values are not what clients presume. After we have a proper inventory of the parties' assets and debts, we discuss carefully with the client how best to divide those assets. Many divorce attorneys are not experienced in handling complicated property divisions or fail to take into account pre- and post-tax values of property. Failure to examine these issues competently can lead to unfair results in property division.

We at Fabio & Merrill have handled complex property division. We use our comprehensive knowledge of property law and negotiation skills to achieve division of the marital estate, including vacation homes, motor vehicles, boats, stocks and retirement benefits. We understand the importance of identifying separate assets, community reimbursement claims and the handling out-of-state property.

Throughout each case we take the time to identify and analyze our clients' situations. If there is property that requires a specific expertise in evaluating correctly, we will employ forensic accounting experts who specialize in that area. With every person we represent, we are committed to equitable solutions that take into account his or her financial well-being and that of his or her loved ones.

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