Temporary Orders

After initially filing for divorce, some couples require temporary court orders to establish boundaries as the divorce proceeds. These temporary divorce orders can be pivotal to the dynamics between you and your spouse throughout the divorce process. They will help to preserve the "status quo" during this period, preventing contact if necessary and preventing either spouse from making financial moves that could impact the division of assets.

The most common types of temporary orders include:

  • Temporary Restraining Order — This prevents the spouses from making inappropriate contact with each other or towards the children. A temporary restraining order is intended to maintain the status quo for 14 days, preventing any out of the ordinary behavior.
  • Temporary orders, which include provisions for custody, support, property and Injunctions — These orders, including temporary custody orders, continue those injunctions obtained as a temporary restraining order and make them effective during the divorce process.

Other orders could formalize arrangements or agreements the spouses have made regarding day-to-day operations of the family, including mortgage payments, care of the children and any other tasks that must routinely be accomplished through the duration of the divorce proceedings.

Temporary orders are granted after notice and a hearing, or can be entered based upon the agreement of both spouses. The order will stand until the divorce is finalized or modified by the court.

Houston Lawyer For Temporary Orders

At Fabio & Merrill, we are committed to protecting your interests as the divorce proceeds. If it is necessary to obtain temporary orders, our lawyers will assist in ensuring that these are granted. We will also provide advice as to any impact the order may have on the ultimate outcome of the divorce.To learn more, please contact our Texas firm today at 713-568-3341 or at 866-761-1513.