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Dividing Real Estate In A Divorce

Regardless of the overall worth of the couple, almost every divorce includes the division of real estate. For some couples, this is simply the primary residence. For individuals of high net worth, however, this can include several properties and residences, as well as commercial real estate and business assets.

Strong Representation For Complex Divorce And Real Estate Issues

If you are facing the division of a substantial amount of real estate, it is crucial that you work with a firm equipped to properly value and equitably divide these holdings. At Fabio & Merrill, our lawyers have more than 35 years’ experience assisting clients in the most fair and equitable division of property and real estate. Our attorneys work with appropriate professionals and conduct thorough research to determine the correct value of the properties in question and deliver division solutions that will equitably divide the value of the real estate between the couple.

Residential Real Estate

Marital homes, summer homes and other real estate held by the couple for private use will be included in the division. Mortgages, use, and value of the land and buildings must be considered as the property is being divided. The land will be valued at fair market price at the date of dissolution.

Commercial Real Estate And Business Leases

Any land or real estate that is owned by the couple and used by a business, company or professional practice they share will be included in the valuation of the business and divided accordingly. Again, the land will be valued at fair market price at the time of the divorce.

Some Texas law firms rely upon the price listed by the county appraisal office. However, this is not always reliable, and there may be discrepancies or disputes surrounding that figure. We understand the appraisal process and methods used, and we will use that knowledge to protect your interests.

Should the matter go to trial, you can be assured that our attorneys are highly skilled in preparation for court and have the ability to convey an accurate value of the properties for the judge, who will have the final say in the division.

Questions About Real Estate Division?

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