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Halle Berry divorce finalized as clock on 2016 runs down

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2017 | Divorce |

Recently, Halle Berry had to hastily finalize her divorce from her husband, Oliver Hernandez. Apparently, during the period after the pair separated, but before the divorce was finalized, Ms. Berry was able to secure some “contracts and deals,” that were still pending. She needed the divorce process to be completed before the new year or else Mr. Martinez may have been eligible to get a cut of those deals in the settlement.

Fortunately for Ms. Berry, she was able to bring the divorce to a conclusion in time. But in an odd twist, they actually filed for divorce at the same exact time with both trying to be the petitioner. Ultimately, Mr. Hernandez acquiesced, so now Ms. Berry can claim having left him. They also agreed to have joint physical and legal custody of Maceo, their three-year-old son.

The Berry/Martinez divorce demonstrates the importance of recognizing how the value of your or your ex-spouse’s personal wealth can change even between the time the papers are filed and the final decree is issued. Had Ms. Berry delayed much longer, it is possible that the money she was due to earn from these impending deals could have been part of the settlement negotiations. As such, it is possible that she may have lost a portion of those funds. At the very least, that income could have forced the negotiations to drag on longer and cost her more money in legal fees.

And while Halle Berry may lead the glamorous life, if you are routinely involved in high-value financial deals, you could easily be faced with a similar set of circumstances. For this reason, it can prove extremely beneficial to have a savvy attorney handling your divorce. The attorney could assess your financial situation in totality and work to make sure that you don’t have to divide assets or property, which belong solely to you.

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