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Pitt and Jolie reportedly locked in child support debate

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2017 | Divorce |

The process of divorce is not known for bringing out the best in people. This is understandable because when a married couple splits, each party may be carrying bitter disappointments and deep-seated resentments. These extreme emotions can manifest themselves in very adversarial behavior. And the problems can become even more pronounced when children are involved.

The divorce of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie can stand as a very public example of how divorce issues relating to children can escalate to extraordinary degrees. And because of the once-happy couple’s fame and exceptional level of wealth, their case is receiving a great deal of attention.

According to a report citing information from an insider, Ms. Jolie is looking for Mr. Pitt to pony up a hefty $100,000 every month in child support. Mr. Pitt, who is attempting to gain joint custody of the pair’s six children, is said to have no problem with providing for them. However, he takes exception to the idea of handing over money to Ms. Jolie.

Ms. Jolie’s plan calls for her to put the money toward the children’s expenses, with some of it going into a trust for each child. But Mr. Pitt would prefer that all of the money be funneled into a trust and out of Ms. Jolie’s control.

While it may be hard to relate to the kind of numbers being discussed between Ms. Jolie and Mr. Pitt, the issue of how child support payments should be allocated is quite common. And if you want to make sure that your child support payments go toward tending to your child’s needs, you may want to discuss the matter with a knowledgeable family law attorney. The attorney may be able to help get modifications< made to your support agreement that specify how the money you pay for child support will be disbursed.