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The risks of a gray divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2017 | Property Division |

Many people in Texas are waiting until their kids are grown before divorcing their spouses. After many years of marriage, countless challenges and the sacrifices they have made for each other, they are no longer willing to remain in their relationships. Anyone who plans to rush to file for separation should consider the disadvantages that are prevalent in gray divorces. 

Effects on health 

Whether the decision to divorce is a mutual one or not, ending a long-term relationship is emotionally draining. Many divorcees enjoy the thought of freedom, but often miss the companionship they once had from their partners. They may become anxious, depressed and experience new health issues. The stress and challenges of divorce can also lead to inflammation in their bodies, increasing the risk of hypertension and chronic heart disease, states Prevention Magazine. 

Impact on finances and retirement savings 

Many older couples live on fixed incomes. They may also have retirement savings and other assets that they have acquired during their marriages. According to Time.com, all marital properties and assets, including retirement accounts must be split in half. Because property division rules can significantly impact the amount of income an older divorcee has to live on, careful financial planning before filing is important. 

Divorce is not always easy for older couples. It is full of challenges that can alter their quality of life, health and freedom in ways. Anyone who is thinking about divorcing their partner after many years of marriage should consider all possible outcomes and plan accordingly.