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Does a shorter marriage mean less marital property?

You and your spouse entered into your marriage with the best of intentions, but less than five years later, you are now facing the fact that it just will not work out. Texas is one of the few community property states, which will affect how property division is handled during your divorce. The short-term nature of your marriage may limit how many of your assets will be divided, though.

Preparing for the financial changes that accompany divorce

For couples seeking a divorce in the state of Texas, each will face unique challenges depending on the circumstances surrounding their separation. For some couples, complicated decisions regarding child custody are inherent. For others, disagreements about spousal support will need to be solved. Then, there are other issues like separating assets that will require the attention and flexibility of both partners. One of the biggest changes that both people will face is an uncertain financial future. When people are proactive about protecting their financial health when a divorce is approaching, they may be better equipped to face the challenges head-on and maintain financial stability. 

Moving out of state with children after a divorce

At Fabio & Merrill in Texas, we know that starting a new life with your children after your divorce can be exciting, but also challenging. This can be especially true if the company for which you work decides to relocate you to another state. Then things can become very complicated and highly emotional.

An attorney's role in an uncontested divorce

You and your spouse have agreed that you want a divorce, and the two of you have even agreed on how you want the settlement and the parenting plan to look. Neither of you want a lawsuit, and the low cost and speedy outcome of a Texas uncontested divorce is appealing. We at Fabio & Merrill often provide legal advice and assistance to couples who want to save money and time by choosing this route.

How to get your child's other parent involved after the divorce?

You have always been the parent who takes care of the primary responsibilities such as going to school conferences, shuttling your child to various sporting activities and making the doctor and dentist visits. After your Texas divorce, though, you may expect the other parent to start participating more. After all, his or her time is now limited by the custody schedule, and these responsibilities provide opportunities for more interactions with your child. How can you encourage more involvement?

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