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Ways you can expedite the process of settling your divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2018 | Property Division |

If you are at the beginning of divorcing your spouse, you may be faced with all kinds of emotions due to the uncertainty of your future and the outcome of your decision. While you may have heard all of the horror stories about divorce settlements taking decades to solve, yours does not have to be that way. At Fabio + Merrill, Attorneys at Law, we are experienced in helping people in Texas through the oftentimes challenging process of divorce. 

Once you begin negotiations, it is imperative that you understand which kinds of behavior are detrimental to facilitating a successful outcome. According to Bankrate, there are several things you should not do if you wish to expedite the process of settling your divorce. These bad behaviors include the following:

  • Acting out: Being angry is a surefire way to create tension and slow the process. 
  • Being prideful: If you falsely assume that you are always right and your ex is always wrong, you may be completely unwilling to compromise which could cause significant delays.
  • Spending too much: As soon as you are aware that you are getting divorced, you should get your finances in check right away. Be aware of how much you are making, where you are spending it and how much you need to fund critical expenses. 
  • Procrastinating: You may choose to procrastinate simply because you do not have time or because you want to slow the proceedings in hopes that your ex will give up somewhere. However, procrastination only lengthens the process and can hurt your chances of getting what you want.

By avoiding counterproductive behaviors like being prideful, procrastinating, being angry and spending over-indulgently, you can put yourself in a better position to negotiate a rewarding divorce settlement. For more information about family law, visit our web page.