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Divorce after a car accident

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2018 | Divorce |

When someone is hurt in a motor vehicle crash, various changes may come into their life. For example, they may lose the ability to walk, either temporarily or permanently, which interferes with their job or prevents them from taking care of other responsibilities and participating in activities they are interested in. Financial problems, mental trauma, and physical pain are some of the other consequences of a crash. Because these accidents can upend a person’s life in so many ways, there may be additional challenges they find themselves facing, such as the end of their marriage.

Couples may decide to divorce for many reasons, whether they have been constantly fighting due to financial hurdles and other problems or are no longer able to handle the changes that a car accident victim has to deal with, such as being immobilized or suffering from depression. Unfortunately, a car accident victim may find that their life has changed in so many different ways that recovering from an accident may seem impossible, but it is essential for them to keep their sights set on moving forward.

Not only can a car crash lead to a divorce, but someone’s decision to file for a divorce could leave them incredibly stressed out, which may also lead to a collision. For someone who is facing these problems, it is essential to go over any options that may be available to help them piece their lives together. Visit our law office’s page on divorce for more related to ending a marriage.