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Divorce matters can be challenging even without children

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2018 | Blog |

Divorces for people who have children are challenging because the two individuals must remain in contact for the kids’ sake. If you don’t have children with the person you are divorcing, you might assume that the divorce is going to be easier. In a way, you are correct but there are some aspects that might be just as difficult.

While you won’t have to decide who is going to have custody of the children, you will have plenty of other tough decisions to make. These are varied according to the circumstances of the marriage but you should be prepared.

Mediated matters

Many matters in divorces can be mediated so that you don’t have to wait for a trial date and go through that lengthy process. People who don’t have children might be able to go through mediation for everything in their divorce. One of the areas that is likely to prove the most contentious has to do with property division. This part of the divorce has many practical considerations since your financial situation and assets will likely have changed since you married.

Instead of thinking about the past, you need to focus on the future. You might be faced with the prospect of having to decide what to do with the marital home. This will pull at your heart since you have so many positive memories there. However, it may not be realistic to hang on to the home in your new life due to financial and practical concerns.

As you are going through mediation, remember that compromise is the key. Your goal during this process is to work through everything and walk away with a settlement that puts you in a good place to start off your single life.

Emotional aspects

Even though you don’t have children, the emotional aspects of getting a divorce are likely going to be difficult. You might be excited about the divorce but the finality of it might hit you when you least expect it. Be prepared to deal with a host of feelings that creep up as you venture through the process, as well as when you go through the year of firsts as a single person.