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WNBA player to pay one-time, $400,000 alimony payment

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2018 | Family Law |

For divorcing couples in Texas, the stress of making important decisions about their future can often be overwhelming. One of the common topics that needs to be discussed and settled is alimony. This is when one of the spouses is required to pay so much money to the other spouse to aid in financial obligations. Often, the paying spouse is the person who has made the most money and is in more of a “stable” position. While couples can opt not to require each other to pay alimony at all, there are many times when courts require this payment to be made. 

A current WNBA player for the Los Angeles Sparks has recently divorced from her husband who is a former player for Duke University. The couple shares custody of their 8-year-old daughter. As part of the agreements made during the course of their divorce, the couple decided not to require each other to pay child support. Additionally, the two-time WNBA MVP has been required by the courts to pay $400,000 to her former husband for alimony. This payment is a one-time charge and will not be required again. During the divorce, the WNBA star’s former husband requested that she pay alimony. 

When couples have decided to go through with a divorce and are in the process of negotiating agreements for alimony, they may wish to ask an attorney for help. Legal professionals have the experience to be able to provide insight into what can be done to negotiate beneficial outcomes for all parties involved. 

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