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Helping teenagers to cope with divorce in healthy ways

When discussions about children and their divorcing parents take place, there is often a significant amount of focus placed on children who are young and still forming relationships with their parents. However, not much is said of teenagers and how difficult the separation of their parents could be for them. Many adolescents in Texas who are struggling with the separation of their parents are experiencing all kinds of emotions as they try to sort through the stories they hear and come to terms with the sudden changes in their family. 

According to kidshealth.org, some children feel guilty about their parents' divorce and could even go so far as to believe that their parents problems were their fault. Other feelings that teenagers may experience include anger, abandonment, stress and worry. Many teenagers face concerns about how their life will change and how the divorce will affect where they live, their relationships with friends and their experience in school. 

The Huffington Post provides parents with a few ideas of things they can do to help their teenager cope with divorce in a healthy and productive way. Some of the things parents can do include the following:

  • They can encourage their children to spend time with the other parent and reinforce the importance of having a relationship with both parents despite the separation. 
  • They can work with each other to create ground rules that will be honored by both parents regardless of relocation.
  • They can minimize tension and conflict by avoiding gossiping about the parent who is not around.

They can also help their teenager to build trustworthy relationships and show through example that happy, productive and successful relationships are still possible. 

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