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Spousal support dispute erupts between A-Rod and ex-wife

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2018 | Divorce |

Alimony and spousal support can easily become one of the most contentious aspects of a divorce case in Houston given the perception that such a benefit is often viewed as being punitive. Many think it is viewed as a prize that one spouse wins from the other, when in reality it simply is meant to help an economically disadvantaged spouse support themselves in the immediate aftermath of their divorce. Ultimately, the hope is that their circumstances change to the point of no longer needing it. Conversely, the financial situation of the one paying it may also shift to the point of where a payment obligation is no longer feasible. 

That is the argument currently being made by former Texas Rangers star Alex Rodriguez. Now that he no longer draws income from the then-record $275 million contract he signed with the Yankees, he claims that he should no longer have to pay the same amount in spousal support. Rodriguez pays $115,000 per month in both spousal and child support. In addition, his ex-wife was awarded the couple’s multi-million-dollar mansion as well as a cut of his career earnings in the couple’s divorce settlement. Currently, Rodriguez draws income from several projects, including analyst work for both Fox Sports and ESPN. 

The conditions of a divorce decree may not be meant to be permanent, as family courts recognize that the situations of those involved may change over time. Thus, the law leaves the door open for post-divorce modifications when the situation calls for it. Those needing to seek such modification may find that their chances of doing are better when they have an experienced family law attorney in their corners.