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Former NBA All-Star headed for a divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2018 | Divorce |

Family law experts in Houston often counsel people to consider a creating a prenuptial agreement prior to marriage. The problem that many may have with a prenuptial agreement might be that it gives the impression that the one asking for it has doubts that the marriage will last (and that is the last thing one should be thinking going into such a relationship). Such a move may be viewed as selfish, yet in reality, having a prenuptial agreement may offer financial protection to both parties to a marriage. 

Consider the case of former NBA All-Star Scottie Pippen, whose wife recently filed for divorce (this actually marks the second time the couple has initiated divorce proceedings, as Pippen himself sought a divorce in 2016 before the couple decided to attempt to reconcile). While it has yet to be confirmed, it is believed that the couple does not have a prenuptial agreement, as Pippen’s wife has asked for alimony and for the court to handle the couple’s property division proceedings. 

Pippen had a long and successful NBA career, yet has been retired for many years. His wife, however, has recently seen her own notoriety increase after a stint on a popular reality television show. When both couples find success while married, a prenuptial agreement can protect any gains that they make individually, ensuring that the other has no plans to profit off their good fortune. 

Of course, even in cases where a couple does not have a prenuptial agreement, they may still be able to enter into an agreement to protect each’s individual assets (in what is called a “postnuptial agreement”). Those needing assistance in creating such an agreement may find it in the form of an experienced family law attorney.