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Approaching the divorce process during pregnancy

On Behalf of | May 5, 2019 | Divorce |

Bringing a marriage to an end can be tough for any couple, but there are certain times when this process can be particularly complicated and worrisome. For example, someone who is expecting a child may have many questions related to their divorce, such as how custody will be distributed and the amount of child support that will need to be paid. Moreover, pregnancy can be a difficult time in one’s life for other reasons, whether they have to take time off work or have various health-related concerns. It is imperative to approach your divorce properly if you are pregnant or your former partner is expecting a child.

Because pregnancy can be stressful and may change your life in many ways, it is especially important to take the right steps to work through the divorce process as smoothly as you can. You should try to have a clear understanding of your legal options and know which decisions will protect your interests. You may be able to work with your ex throughout the divorce, or there may be hard feelings and the divorce may be very contentious, which can be especially difficult during pregnancy.

We understand the challenges that people face when their marriage comes to an end in the middle of a pregnancy, but reviewing the different options that you may have could help significantly. You should also try to secure a favorable outcome for your child’s sake and make sure that any concerns you have regarding your divorce are addressed promptly.