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Examining why friendships change following a divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2019 | Divorce |

When two people are married in Texas, they often develop mutual friendships over time. Throughout the course of their marriage, they may share many experiences and adventures with other couples who they both enjoy spending time with. However, the nature of these friendships can change entirely when a couple pursues a divorce. Understanding these changes can be challenging and leave a divorcing couple feeling a bit lost as to what happened. 

An interesting friendship dynamic that many people do not readily realize until they are filing for divorce may be relationships they have formed with each other’s family members. As such, these friendships have almost become a part of their marriage. Now that their marriage is dissolving, the uncertainty of maintaining that relationship can be intimidating and devastating. Perhaps the most important fact for people to remember going forward is that they cannot control how people will react to the news of their divorce. What they can do is to be respectful to their spouse by not sharing private details or being malicious in talking behind their back. They can also honestly answer questions without oversharing information. 

People should realize that their friends may be avoiding them because they are unsure of how to react about news to the divorce, especially if they are still friends with the other spouse as well. They may also be tired of hearing about the divorcing couple or fearful about what details they will find out. For relationships that hold value and importance to people, they may consider talking individually with that person and reaffirming their gratitude about that relationship. Once done, they need to recognize that what that person chooses to do with the information they have received is entirely up to them. 

When people are preparing to get divorced and want the process to be as seamless as possible, they may wish to hire an attorney to help guide them in their quest. A legal professional has the resources to facilitate divorce and hopefully minimize the impact on a couple’s life. 

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