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Do you need a forensic accountant on your divorce team?

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2019 | Property Division |

When you navigate your way through a Texas divorce, you will undoubtedly experience a wide range of emotions. Once you take your emotions out of the equation, however, you will need to figure out the fundamentals about how you plan to divide up shared assets and debts. Increasingly, divorcing parties who have considerable assets or particularly complicated finances are finding that hiring forensic accountants can help them navigate complicated financial aspects of their divorce cases.

Just what does a forensic accountant do, and how might hiring one benefit you in the future? According to Forbes, forensic accountants are essentially accounting specialists who can potentially assist you as you work through any number of financial matters pertaining to your divorce.

For example, if you or your ex have valuable assets, but you are not sure of their exact worth, a forensic accountant may be able to lend a hand. Many of these professionals also specialize in valuation, so they may be able to help you put a price tag on valuable art collections, jewelry, classic cars or what have you.

A forensic accountant may, too, be able to “follow the money trail,” so to speak, if you believe your ex might not be being truthful about his or her assets or income. This type of professional may, for example, be able to help you uncover hidden income sources or bank accounts so that you can be sure to get everything you deserve in your split.

This copy about the role forensic accountants often play in divorces is meant for educational purposes and is not a substitute for legal advice.