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5 tips for dealing with work during separation

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2020 | Divorce |

Dealing with your divorce and demands at work is undoubtedly difficult. Everyone’s situation is unique, and everyone deals with stress differently.

While your situation can feel overwhelming, there are ways to balance your personal changes and your job.

  1. Tell your manager or H.R. rep

While you don’t need to air out your dirty laundry to your boss, it may be wise to let your manager or H.R. representative know that you are going through a big life change. Divorce doesn’t need to damage your performance at work, but it’s good for your supervisors to know that you are going to be busy and may need to take time to deal with the proceedings.

  1. Create specific boundaries

Divorce can very easily take over your life. Making the office a space for work and not for dealing with your lawyer or your ex can help you keep a neutral space as a break from your divorce. Inform your lawyer that you will only be taking calls or emails during your breaks or after-hours. Online use your personal phone and email account, rather than those provided by work.

  1. Stay productive

You still have the obligation to your company to be productive while you are at work. Now is a great time to continue to prove yourself to your employer. Set daily goals for yourself so that you have something tangible to reach for and can focus on those tasks rather than your divorce. Give yourself grace during this stressful and emotional time, but also commit to being a good employee.

  1. Don’t make rash decisions

In any emotional and potentially traumatic situation, it’s best to hold off on making big life changes. Don’t quit your job. Work may feel impossible while you are going through a divorce, but that may change after you are out of the weeds. Wait for the dust to settle as you adjust to this new phase of your life, then you can consider making changes.

  1. Take care for yourself

It can be easy to let the basics slip by while you’re dealing with so much change. Stress can actually take a physical toll on your body, so now especially you need to take care of yourself. Take a little time to exercise in the mornings. Make an extra-healthy meal for lunch to give your body what it needs to fight stressors. Try meditation or another stress-relieving practice. Even take a couple of days off of work to give yourself time to recuperate.