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Getting a handle on divorce while still working

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2020 | Blog, Family Law |

Newly separated Texas residents may feel overwhelmed starting the divorce process, which can include determining how to divide community property or how to reach a child custody arrangement. The complications of divorce are compounded by the fact that life does not stop for someone going through a split. While it is ok to take a day or two off from work to recuperate, divorcing individuals must ultimately learn tools to help them cope in the workplace.

First, it is important for people to maintain a support system outside of work whether that includes friends, family or a therapist. It is fine to have one or two close friends at work, but the details of a divorce should not be fodder for the water cooler. There is a way to inform people at work about the difficult times at home without oversharing. It can be a good idea for an employee to let the boss know that he or she is going through a rough time and may need a slightly less rigorous workload for a couple weeks.

While some people may have trouble getting themselves to work, others may have trouble leaving. Becoming a workaholic is one way that people distract themselves from the emotions associated with a difficult separation. Of course, any addiction, even to work, is unhealthy; individuals would be better served by keeping up with personal hobbies and staying social instead of working 24/7.

If it is hard to stop thinking about divorce because there is concern about splitting finances or deciding who gets to keep a home, a family law attorney may help handle the details so that a person can give more attention to other aspects of their life. An attorney licensed in Texas and experienced with community property law may be a great asset to someone embarking on a divorce.