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Research finds the most common reasons for divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2020 | Divorce |

For some couples, marriage does not result in a fairy-tale ending. In fact, recent studies show that 42% of couples in Texas and around the country marrying for the first time end up divorced. Those statistics are worse for second marriages with 60% filing for divorce, and third marriages facing a 70% chance of divorce.

Researchers have discovered that some of the causes for divorce are quite similar among couples. According to a study of 295 couples who were married for at least seven years, the common denominator was unhappiness with marital relations. The study concluded that 40% of those who filed for divorce did so because their spouse was unwilling to take steps to improve the relationship.

Incompatibility was also a common factor in many divorces. Spouses who didn’t have the same religious or political beliefs often found themselves at odds with one another.

Interracial marriages suffered from incompatibility issues as well. Some spouses held different beliefs regarding gender roles in the marriage and how children should be raised and disciplined.

Prior to 1970, many couples who wanted a divorce could not simply just get one; they had to produce serious reasons for ending the marriage. In most cases, the person filing for divorce would have to prove that the other spouse had committed offenses that would prevent the marriage from continuing, sometimes even making false accusations.

Today, incompatibility is often seen as reason enough to get divorced. If you are considering ending your marriage, the outcome depends greatly on how willing you and your spouse are to work together. When divorcing couples can’t agree on how assets should be split, the procedure becomes complex and tremendously impacts your children and your finances. Seeking the advice of an experienced family law attorney may help you to reach a settlement without court intervention and long, drawn-out proceedings. Professional counsel may save you time and money and help to turn a complex situation into a simple one.