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Helping teenagers to cope with divorce in healthy ways

When discussions about children and their divorcing parents take place, there is often a significant amount of focus placed on children who are young and still forming relationships with their parents. However, not much is said of teenagers and how difficult the separation of their parents could be for them. Many adolescents in Texas who are struggling with the separation of their parents are experiencing all kinds of emotions as they try to sort through the stories they hear and come to terms with the sudden changes in their family. 

WNBA player to pay one-time, $400,000 alimony payment

For divorcing couples in Texas, the stress of making important decisions about their future can often be overwhelming. One of the common topics that needs to be discussed and settled is alimony. This is when one of the spouses is required to pay so much money to the other spouse to aid in financial obligations. Often, the paying spouse is the person who has made the most money and is in more of a "stable" position. While couples can opt not to require each other to pay alimony at all, there are many times when courts require this payment to be made. 

How an approach to equal parenting can benefit your child

When you are facing a divorce and still coping with the emotional trauma of a dramatically changing relationship, it can be difficult to see your ex as a qualified parent. In fact, you may be tempted to focus on your former spouse's negative traits, faults and weaknesses. However, it is important to remember that he or she is also dealing with challenges and probably wants what is best for your children just like you want what is best for them. At Fabio + Merrill, we have helped many parents in Texas to negotiate beneficial child custody arrangements. 

How can I co-parent if I can't stand my ex?

Communicating about money, shared responsibilities and parenting while you were married to your ex in Texas was difficult. Now that you are divorced and trying to co-parent, it may feel impossible. Not only are you still working through the emotional trauma of the end of the relationship, you are also doing your best to ensure that your kids have two stable homes. But how can you keep your conflict with their other parent from interfering?

How to get your child's other parent involved after the divorce?

You have always been the parent who takes care of the primary responsibilities such as going to school conferences, shuttling your child to various sporting activities and making the doctor and dentist visits. After your Texas divorce, though, you may expect the other parent to start participating more. After all, his or her time is now limited by the custody schedule, and these responsibilities provide opportunities for more interactions with your child. How can you encourage more involvement?

Preventing adoption before paternity is established

Many men in Texas may have casual relationships or lose touch with former significant others and later find out that a child will be or has been born. While some may want to deny paternity, others may want to become a father in every sense of the word. However, without a marriage certificate, there is a chance that the child could be adopted without any say from the biological father, ending any rights he may have had.

False domestic violence accusations and divorce

Our law firm understands the variety of complex issues that can arise when it comes to domestic violence cases. On the one hand, victims may suffer at the hands of an abuser or fear that their children are being abused. Domestic violence is an area of family law that can be especially emotional and it is pivotal for those affected by this matter to carefully assess their rights and options. However, we also are aware that some people in Texas have been falsely accused of domestic violence. In fact, these false allegations can also be incredibly upsetting and disruptive.

Establishing paternity in Texas

When a child is born to an unmarried couple in Texas, he or she does not automatically have a legal father. Instead, the biological father and mother have to take steps to establish his status. Once this is done, a father has all the rights and responsibilities of paternity, and the child receives all of those benefits and more.

Helping your child thrive during a divorce

If you and your spouse are seeking a divorce in Texas, chances are you have begun to weigh the consequences and decisions that will follow your decision. Some of these include outcomes tied to parental visitation, alimony, spousal relocation and even separation of assets. However, if you have children, you may find that many of your concerns are centered around the needs and well-being of each of your children. At Fabio + Merrill, we understand the often-emotional complexities of family law. 

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