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Houston Divorce Blog

How to divorce-proof your Texas business

Despite a couple's best intentions going into a marriage, there is no guarantee that they won't divorce. You may want to divorce-proof your business to help protect your hard work in case your marriage ends. Otherwise, a Texas court might divide the ownership of your...

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Some not so minor details of divorce

While things may be highly emotional when going through a divorce in Texas, it's important to keep your head up and be wise about your finances. As you are separating from your spouse, you will also need to separate your finances from theirs. Separate your accounts...

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Common legal myths about divorce

Divorce is often a difficult process, causing significant stress, uncertainty and concern. Although it is possible for a divorce to be amicable, there may still be concerns regarding what will happen as part of the process. In Texas, there are many legal myths about...

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Selling a house during a divorce

Getting a divorce in a community property state like Texas can result in additional anguish when it comes to dividing up real property. When a couple can't agree, a judge may have to intervene to determine how to divide any assets. While a judge may provide a solution...

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