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We Resolve Complex Business And Commercial Disputes

The cost of a broken contract to a business can be substantial when it results in an interruption of normal business practices, jeopardizes a client list, or involves protecting trade secrets.

At the law office of Fabio & Merrill, our business litigation lawyers represent businesses and small companies in cases involving unfair business practices, partnership agreement violations, breach of contract, accounts receivable disputes. Working with economists, we determine the financial harm suffered by our client and demand fair compensation for their losses. While we are prepared to litigate each case, we can often resolve business disputes through negotiation, avoiding costly, lengthy litigation.

If a breach of contract or violation of a performance agreement has resulted in financial harm to your company, contact Houston commercial litigation attorneys at the law office of Fabio & Merrill today.

Business Disputes And Commercial Litigation

The Houston, Texas law office of Fabio & Merrill advises and represents businesses in regard to the following:

  • Oil and gas disputes
  • Real estate litigation
  • Breach of contract
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Violation of a performance agreement
  • Violation of a partnership agreement
  • Disputes over bylaws and buyouts
  • Allegations of unfair business practices
  • Violations of the Consumer Protection Act (for businesses)

Breach Of Contract And Financial Harm

A breach of contract can result in substantial financial harm, especially if the daily operations of a company are interrupted. In order to restore our client to his or her financial position prior to a breach of contract, our attorneys consult experienced economists to evaluate revenue streams, price adjustments, interest rates on accounts receivable, and the cost of work interruptions. We also take lost future revenue into account and demand nothing less than the restoration of our client’s original financial state.

Contact A Skilled Texas Real Estate Attorney

If your business has suffered financial harm due to the actions of another company, vendor, employee, or business partner, contact commercial litigation lawyers at Fabio & Merrill today.