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Efficient Representation For Complex Appeal Cases

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If a trial judge has ruled against you in your real estate dispute, contract dispute, divorce dispute, or other civil or family matter, you have options. When a judge incorrectly interprets or applies the law, you have a right to appeal that decision to a higher court.

Seeking Reversal Of Or Defending Court Decisions

At Fabio & Merrill in Houston, Texas, we handle a wide variety of cases on appeal. Our analytic rigor and careful preparation serve us well as we try to get better results for our clients. If you believe you may have grounds for an appeal, contact us at 713-568-3341 to discuss your options.

Skilled Research, Writing And Argumentation On Your Side

At Fabio & Merrill, we handle appeals of civil and family law cases. In Texas, these appeals are handled by the various Courts of Appeals and the state Supreme Court. Attorney Richard Merrill has experience representing clients’ cases that are on appeal.

Whether one of our attorneys represented you at the trial level or you were represented by a different lawyer, Richard Merrill can be your appellate advocate.

An appeal is very different from a trial. While a trial is focused largely on the presentation of evidence, an appeal is based primarily on arguing that the trial judge made errors in interpreting the law, ruling on evidentiary issues or that the trial court was correct in all of its rulings. Effectively crafting and appeals case or defense requires significant skill in the areas of legal research, writing and oral argumentation.

Schedule A Case Evaluation To Discuss Your Appeal

In some cases, appeals can be expensive, so you may want a strong assessment of your chances of winning before you decide to move forward. We can offer you that kind of advice based on long experience and many past successes. Contact us to begin discussions about the appeal of your case.