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Houston Business and Partnership Agreements

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The drafting and review of business transactional contracts is important for clearly stating each party’s responsibilities, financial obligations, and legal recourse should a breach occur. Since the court is likely to hold the party who drafts a contract responsible for any ambiguous or unclear language, it’s important to work with an experienced business law attorney to avoid exposure to unwanted liability in business contracts. At the Houston, Texas law office of Fabio & Merrill, we advise and represent businesses, real estate investors, oil and gas companies, and others in matters related to business contracts and agreements.

Regardless of whether you are a small business owner establishing relationships with vendors or a medium-sized company interested in licensing agreements, contact Houston business contract attorneys at Fabio & Merrill today b calling 713-568-3341.

Drafting And Negotiating Business Contracts

Our business contract attorneys review, draft, and negotiate business contracts related to the following:

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While there are financial considerations to take into account in any business contract, the terms pertaining to how a breach will be handled are also important. In some cases, a business contract may require the parties involved to enter into mediation should a breach happen. However, if you forego your right to litigate, you may not be able to recover all of your losses through mediation. Especially in real estate contracts, the best terms you may be able to achieve through mediation may require you to assume some of your financial losses.

Our attorneys can evaluate the nature of your business and discuss terms that provide the best protection for you should a breach occur. To schedule an appointment and discuss your case, contact Texas business contract attorneys at Fabio & Merrill online, or by calling 713-568-3341.