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Houston Lawyers for Independent Contractor Agreements

The Houston attorneys at Fabio & Merrill represent independent contractors and business owners/employers who are looking to enter into an independent contractor agreement.

When drafting an independent contractor agreement, it is important to understand the often-complex laws that apply to this unique business relationship. We are well aware of these laws, how they affect the independent contract as well as the party hiring the independent contractor, and what provisions to include in the contract to ensure that the rights of the parties involved are protected.

Please call our Houston law office to speak to an attorney about your independent contractor agreement at 713-568-3341.

Drafting And Litigating Independent Contractor Agreements In Texas

Fabio & Merrill assists independent contractors in the Houston area in the drafting, negotiation, and litigation of independent contractor agreements.

Since independent contractors are not employed directly by the company they are contracting for, these agreements must be meticulously drafted and reviewed. It is important to work with an attorney who understands the unique requirements of these self-employed individuals. We draft agreements that clearly establish status as an independent contractor (and not that of an employee), and that clearly outline the terms of the business relationship.

Need Help With An Independent Contractor Agreement?

Whether you are looking to hire an independent contractor as a business or whether you are an independent contractor yourself, our firm can work to ensure that your contract is legally sound. Contact us online to schedule an initial consultation.