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Resolving Multistate Jurisdiction Disputes

When divorce issues cross state lines, the situation can be complicated and overwhelming. Service problems, geographic restrictions and multistate decrees each present unique issues and variables that, if misunderstood, can create serious problems for families. When these issues arise, it is key to partner with an attorney who is experienced and adept at examining the conflict of laws issues.

At Fabio & Merrill, we have several clients who retain us from out of state when either one or both parents are not in Texas. Often clients have questions on how to determine support or possession. The establishment of jurisdiction over custody and support is complicated and may vary from state to state. We determine how and whether we can pursue the support or possession rights in this state and analyze these in light of what is in the best interests of the client and child.

Our Experience With Complex Custody Issues

With more than 35 years of experience, we are ready to take our comprehensive knowledge of these conflict of law issues to work in your case. As with other areas of practice, it is our goal to take the time to fully understand your issues, present you with clear and honest options, and work toward an optimal resolution that works for you in the long term.

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