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Resolving Complicated Parent Relocation Cases

There are times when parents desire or need to relocate to another region, state or even country. If there is a geographic restriction in place under a decree or prior orders, that geographic restriction will need to be lifted in order for the parent and child to relocate. These are difficult and fact-intensive cases.

The court will examine all relevant factors in deciding whether to allow the relocation, including the reason for the move, the effect of the move on the child and how it will affect the relationship with the noncustodial parent.

It is imperative to partner with an attorney who will present compelling evidence for or against a relocation.

We have represented clients on both sides of the issue relating to relocation after divorce. Beginning in our initial consultations, we do everything we can to understand all relevant factors involved in cases of relocation and provide our clients with a comprehensive understanding of all custody possibilities. Because these cases are highly fact-driven, we need to present compelling evidence for or against relocation. It is important that our clients understand the likelihood of outcomes given the options they pursue. Whenever possible, we attempt to pursue creative solutions, but ultimately it is our goal to do what is in the best interests of your children.

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