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Helping You Address Complex Paternity Issues

Paternity can present a number of difficult issues for either the mother or the father in cases of nonmarried couples.

For unmarried mothers, a major goal of paternity is to establish who the biological father of the child is so that they can obtain the child support to which they are entitled by law. An attorney’s goal when representing unmarried mothers is to delineate the conservatorship, possession and access times with the father and establish regular financial support.

With fathers of children, it is important to realize that they have a right to possession time with their children or even full custody, if the circumstances warrant it. Unmarried fathers need to know that they have rights as well as financial responsibilities toward their children.

In order to arrive at ideal resolutions in issues of paternity, it is critical for both mothers and fathers to understand the logistics and processes of paternity.

Because we have been working on family law issues for over three decades, we are able to bring our comprehensive understanding of the paternity process to work for our clients. From DNA testing to working with support and custody issues, we are able to help our clients arrive at a solution that works for them and their loved ones. As lawyers, we work personally with every client, provide a clear and honest assessment of the situation, and work toward solutions that take into account everyone’s best interests.

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