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Financial Planning During Your Divorce

At Fabio & Merrill, we are committed to helping our clients achieve a divorce outcome that best reflects their needs going forward into the future. Many potential pitfalls in this process and in the time immediately following a divorce can hurt your finances and often reduce your standard of living. Our attorneys have assisted hundreds of divorcing individuals in establishing the financial foundation that will serve them through the next chapter of their lives.

Providing A Level Playing Field During The Division Of Assets

In most marriages, one spouse has less insight into the financial and investment position of the couple than the other. In the case of divorce, this spouse is at a disadvantage to the one who handled the bookkeeping. If our client is unaware of how the finances worked in the marriage, we will oversee the discovery process to ensure that we receive all relevant information. If this information is not readily provided, we will take necessary legal action to obtain pertinent company information, benefits statements, stock options, retirement accounts and other documents needed to establish the couple’s community property and assets.

Strategic Solutions In Property Division With Divorce Financial Advisors

While Texas is a community property state, assets are not necessarily split 50-50; they are divided in a way that is fair and equitable. We work to ensure that the division serves our clients’ future well. If he or she has not been in the workplace for a significant period of time and needs a period to re-enter the workforce, we may ask a disproportionate division of assets or for the other spouse to provide alimony for a period of time.

Our lawyers have the experience and understanding to develop these creative options that benefit both spouses and provide a solid financial foundation for our clients as they begin the next chapter of their lives. We will take into account all tax issues in this process.

Lifestyle And Financial Awards From Divorce

In many cases, the spouse who was not the primary breadwinner faces the overwhelming task of managing money — a task that was previously directed by his or her spouse. Our attorneys are committed to helping you make the transition into the next chapter of your life by providing a thorough understanding of the assets you now hold as well as instruction on how to begin managing those assets. We will put you in touch with trusted financial planners who can help you properly manage and plan for the future.

Do You Need Help With The Financial Aspects Of Your Divorce?

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