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Oil, Gas, And Minerals: Protecting Your Mineral Rights

Oil, gas and mineral production is a major driving force in our state’s economy. Many Texas individuals, families and businesses have worked hard to obtain mineral rights and obtain profits from those rights.

When oil, gas and mineral rights become the subject of a dispute, or when it is necessary to enter into oil, gas and mineral leases and other contracts in order to make effective use of mineral resources, skilled legal counsel is important for the protection of your rights and interests.

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Taking Your Position in Oil, Gas and Mineral Disputes

At Fabio & Merrill, we represent royalty and mineral owners, lessors and lessees, oil, gas and production companies, and other interested parties in a wide range of oil, gas and mineral disputes, including:

  • Title disputes
  • Royalty disputes
  • Lease provision disputes

Our firm has litigation experience in real estate and contract matters, giving us an edge in the representation of clients involved in oil, gas and mineral disputes. While many disputes can be negotiated through, it is important to be prepared to go to trial if it is in your interests to do so. Especially in cases involving oil and gas leases, understanding how to draft and negotiate a contract is essential in order to protect your financial and legal interests. Our attorneys review oil and gas leases, protect clients from unwanted liability and alerting them to environmental and compliance issues that could affect the financial viability of a lease agreement.

Negotiating And Drafting Complex Oil, Gas And Mineral Contracts

A legal interest in mineral rights is a property interest, and so oil, gas and minerals law resembles real estate law in many ways. However, there are unique aspects of oil, gas and minerals law, such as production and development issues, as well as environmental considerations.

We help clients negotiate the complex issues affecting oil, gas and mineral rights in order to craft oil, gas and mineral leases, farmouts, participation agreements, acquisition agreements and other agreements concerning mineral resource rights.

An Experienced Oil And Gas Attorney On Your Side

Before entering private practice, attorney Richard Merrill worked as in-house counsel for Amoco Production Company and Texas Oil and Gas (later TXO). He uses this strong background in oil, gas and mineral legal issues to assist individuals and businesses with a range of matters.

Contact us to discuss your oil, gas and minerals concerns with an experienced Texas resource rights attorney, call 713-568-3341.