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Resolving Oil And Gas Lease Issues

The law requires that an individual be granted a portion of any profits produced as a consequence of an oil company’s drilling and extraction of oil on one’s property. Often, property owners are intimidated by the size and financial resources oil companies possess and are dissuaded from pursuing litigation when royalties owed them are not forthcoming. At the Houston, Texas law office of Fabio & Merrill, we advise and represent clients in matters related to oil and gas leases and royalties earned from them. We draft oil and gas lease agreements according to custom and usage, protecting our client’s financial and legal interests pertaining to royalties and environmental issues.

Regardless of whether you are interested in creating an oil and gas lease agreement or are facing litigation over oil and gas royalties, contact the Houston oil and gas attorneys at Fabio & Merrill today.

Evaluating Oil and Gas Lease Agreements And Contracts

The law office of Fabio & Merrill advises and represents clients in regard to the following oil and gas leasing issues:

  • Royalty terms
  • Limits to the land to be leased/used under an agreement
  • Water protection provisions
  • Provisions intended to protect surface land
  • Term limits for lessee’s assigned rights under a lease
  • Requirements for lessee to develop or produce under a lease
  • Terms governing post-production costs

Oil And Gas Rental Agreements And Leases

Fabio & Merrill assists landowners and oil companies in the negotiation of surface rental agreements in which a landowner allows an oil company to place a well on their property for an agreed upon period of time. This agreement involves compensation for the landowner in exchange for the placement of a well on their property. In cases where an oil company fails to remove a well that is either no longer productive or has not been removed after the agreed to allotted time, we will assist landowners in getting the well removed by terminating the agreement.

Contact Houston, Texas Oil and Gas Lease Attorneys at Fabio & Merrill Today

Regardless of whether you are an oil and gas company or a property owner, our lawyers have the experience and knowledge you need to draft, negotiate, and litigate oil and gas lease agreements. To schedule an appointment and discuss your case, contact oil and gas attorneys at Fabio & Merrill today.