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Houston Oil and Gas Title Disputes

Oil, Gas, and Minerals

In Texas, oil, gas, and mineral rights are a major source of title disputes. Deeds conveying oil, gas, and mineral interests are often very specific and require a skilled understanding of the law. Differences in interpretation can have major consequences for those who depend on resource royalties as a source of income.

At the law firm of Fabio & Merrill, we represent parties on both sides of an oil and gas title dispute: lessors and lessees, royalty and mineral owners, oil, gas and production companies, and other parties. To learn how we can help protect your property right, please contact a Houston attorney for oil and gas title disputes today.

Representing Parties In Oil And Gas Lease Disputes

We represent clients involved in a range of oil and gas disputes:

  • Contract disputes/breach of contract
  • Determining ownership of an oil and gas title
  • Breach of operator fiduciary
  • Royalty disputes
  • Well damage claims
  • Surface damage claims

Our knowledge of the oil and gas industry combined with our focus on real estate law matters can be of great benefit to you if you are involved in an oil and gas title dispute. Whether your dispute involves disagreements about gas and mineral royalty terms or breach of contract, talk to an attorney from our firm to learn how we can help.

Contact A Texas Attorney For Oil, Gas, And Mineral Deeds

To learn how we can help you resolve a dispute regarding an oil and gas title or another real estate matter, please contact our Houston-based law firm online today or call 713-568-3341.